Submersible Pumps

The efficiency of ODI pumps has set the industry’s standard. Compare our pump’s performance curves with any other submersible vendor’s; you’ll clearly see the ODI efficiency advantage.

* All ODI pumps use Ni-Resist stages for maximum corrosion resistance.
* Brassless construction is standard on most pumps.
* Flame spray monel coating and ferritic stainless steel construction are available for housing protection in H2S and CO2 environments.
* All ODI centrifugal pumps are performance tested in one of our own computerized test facilities before shipping to confirm efficient downhole operation.

ODI Motor

Our Innovative approach to motor design has made the ODI Submersible motor the most efficient in the industry. This Efficiency translates into significant power cost saving and more predictable operations for you.

* At 90% efficiency, the ODI motor combines reliability with the lowest power consumption in industry.
* Design and built to withstand the extreme environment found in wells and other sever-duty applications.
* High-temperature motors available for 450°F applications.
* available in corrosive resistant.
* Factory vacuum filled with high-dielectric mineral oil, each ODI motor contains a sintered bronze filter that continually filters the motor oil during operation.
* simplified onsite assembly using the patented ODI plug-in pothead, which electrical connection as easy as plugging in a household appliance.
* patented ODI electrical connection between motor sections is designed for trouble-free, rapid, field assembly.
* The only submersible motor that runs at a full 3500 rpm at rated load.

Vortex Gas Separator

ODI’s unique design, combined with the toughest materials available for sand and corrosion protection, have made ODI vortex gas separator a performance leader.

* Significantly improves operation when more than approximately 10% free gas is present at the pump intake.
* The gently induced vortex naturally separates gas from liquid, resulting in more gas diverted from the fluid stream and less horsepower consumed.
* Ni-Resist separation chamber and rotating parts eliminate potential corrosion and sand wear problems.
* Special shaft and bearing materials are available for abrasive conditions.
* Corrosion resistant designs are available.

Equalizer Seal Chamber

Through consideration of problems associated with downhole environment, combined with a positive barrier to well fluids, makes the ODI equalizer the best choice in seal chambers for long submersible motor run life.

* ODI’s equalizer system provides a reservoir for clean motor oil, isolated from well fluids.
* A combination of multiple shaft seals and flexible elastomer barrier blocks well fluids from entering the motor.
* Flexible bag-type seal chambers provide for oil volume changes during the heating and cooling cycle yet avoid a direct well fluid-motor oil.
* A labyrinth-type chamber provides a backup system to prevent motor oil contamination in case a seal or elastomer barrier fails.
* A high-capacity thrust bearing is located at the bottom of the ODI equalizer. This bearing carries the axial thrust generated by the pump.
* A sintered bronze filter continually cleans the motor oil as it circulates through the system.
* All ODI equalizer seal chambers are available in corrosive resistant designs.

Pump Abrasion Protection

Abrasion resistance in submersible pump is critical. Sand wear can damage bearing areas with high-velocity fluids, shortening the life of a system.

With ODI system, you can choose from three levels of san protection:

Standard Protection

Every ODI centrifugal pump stage is designed with a diffuser pedestal that keeps sand and other abrasives away from radial bearing areas.

Rubber or Hard Bearing Design

For wells with more severe sand problem, ODI offers a rubber or hard bearing design that incorporates special shaft bearing to maintain radial stability. These bearings are spaced to provide continual radial support even if the impeller-diffuser bearing support has been eliminated.

Super Sand Pump

ODI’s patented super sand pump incorporates the rubber or hard bearing design for radial support along with a patented axial support system. Thrust-carrying capabilities are provided even after severe sand wear has taken place. Run life in extreme applications may be doubled or triple.