Airwell logoPumping Solution for Gas Well Deliquifying


Enhanced Oil Recovery from Shallow Wells


* CBM well deliquifying

* Shallow gas well deliquifying

* Shale gas well deliquifying

* Gas gathering line liquid extraction

* Enhanced Oil Recovery

* Environmental ground water monitoring

* Remote telemetry services



* Full Remote Telemetry

The Pumping System comes complete with remote telemetry equipment. The services can include 24 hour remote monitoring for gas well performance and pumping equipment diagnostics together with monitoring of associated equipment on site.

* “Down Well” Reliability

The pump has minimal moving parts and only quality materials have been used in their manufacture. This makes the pump very reliable, reducing the pumping down time from equipment breakdown. Much of the maintenance process is completed at surface level. This means that maintenance can be done efficiently and with less interference to the well’s productivity.


* Centralised Power Supply Requirements for Multiple Pump Sites

It is only necessary to have one centrally located power source for multiple pump sites. From this point the energy (compressed gas) is directed to the various wells using a small high pressure line giving each pump a 24/7 power supply. A well could be located up to 10kms from the power source. On many gas leases no additional gas compression is required to run the pumps other than the existing sales gas compression. Once the compressed gas has been used it is then vented back into the gas gathering lines and no gas is lost in the Airwell pumping process.

* Silt, Grit and other Suspended Particulates

One of the main features exhibited by the entire range of the pumps for the last 28 years has been their ability to pump silts and other fine particulates suspended in the fluid, without any effect on the performance and reliability of the pumping unit.

* No Gas Locking

Due to the nature of the Airwell pump it is impossible for the unit to gas lock when the intake is set below the lowest perforation.

* Low Environmental Impact

The use of multiple Airwell pumps from one centrally located compressor eliminates the need to supply electrical power or run separate stationary engines to each well. The absence of any surface polish rod gearbox, engine etc, also greatly reduces the risk of contaminating the wellhead area.

* Production Tubing

The standard pump unit can be run in on Airwell ¾” API production pipe or on Airwell coiled tubing umbilical. Both option provide speed and convenience of installation and with the coiled tubing umbilical allows the pumping unit to be installed and retrieved on a live well.

* Deliquify Low Flow Wells

An Airwell pumping system will optimize the well production by automatically adjusting its flow to match the production well down to a zero flow rate. There is no risk of Airwell equipment damage in low flow pumping situations or costly pump down time.




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